My name is Aleah McKenzie and I am a senior at Bowdon High School.

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, my senior year did not particularly go the way I was expecting it to. Things have been kinda strange for me during this time. We are taking all of our classes online now.

At first, I really was not motivated to do my schoolwork because I thought we would only be out for a short period of time. Luckily, all of my teachers have been so supported and are still reaching out to us. My AP calculus teacher, Mrs. Ray, and my AP Spanish teacher, Sra. Gay, are having Zoom meetings online that allows us to catch up with our classmates and get extra help for our work. The Zoom meetings allow us to be involved in class participation, and it’s fun to see everyone again.

When I first discovered we were not going back to school at all, I was really upset and mad. I kept thinking about all of the things I was going to miss out on. Tennis season, the senior cookout, prom, senior skip day, and so much more was gone.

One morning when I was sad, my computer science teacher, Mrs. Edwards, Facetimed me to see how I was, and she told me that if I needed anything just to let her know. My parents also talked to me about how much the virus has spread, and it really made me grateful that I nor my family has gotten it.

That conversation and the phone call made me realize how much support I have in my community. No matter what, I have people that will always care and support me.

During the quarantine, I have been spending a lot of time with my family. Since I have a little brother, Jackson, there is never a dull moment, even in isolation. I also realized that the first part of my senior year was amazing. Our football season was the best I could ask for.

At the football games, I was able to cheer the team on the sidelines, and at halftime I got to play the drums on the sidelines with the BHS band. Also, our cheerleading team placed 5th at state this year. Our homecoming week was fun, and I was able to represent the senior class on the homecoming court.

During basketball season, I was a cheerleader and I had so much fun. This year I also got to be a part of the Carroll County Honor Band. Even though my senior year was cut short, the first part of the year was the best I could’ve had.

My advice to the younger classes is to always take in every moment like it’s your last. Stay busy and be involved in the school. One day you will look back and see how great high school was, so do things that you love. Keep your grades up, and work hard in school. Take that college or AP class, try a new sport, talk to the new kid, and make new friends. Always take advantage of every opportunity because you never know if you will have that chance again.

Even though my time at Bowdon High School has ended, our school principal, Mrs. Evans, is still motivating us to do our best, and she is reassuring us that we will celebrate the class of 2020 somehow. My high school experience was great, and the corona virus only made me realize how lucky I am to call Bowdon my home.