Being quarantined on the last months of your senior year is definitely less than ideal.

At first, I didn’t really care too much because I took most of my classes online anyway, but as I realized there was a chance I would never get to walk the halls with my friends again I became really disappointed. All of the long nights studying and stressing over tests were supposed to finally be worth it as me and my classmates got to participate in all of the senior festivities.

I was looking forward to watching the talent show one more time and walking the halls of my old elementary and middle school to say goodbye to my former teachers. Since freshman year my friends and I had talked about how much we were looking forward to the senior field day, little did we know we weren’t going to get the chance to have it.

Having senior year cut short is extremely disappointing, but it also makes me cherish the memories I did have the chance to make even more. It also makes me cherish the friendships and bonds I was able to create throughout elementary, middle, and high school.

Not getting to finish my senior year is saddening, but at least I have all of the good memories to look back on with all of the people that I love. We are all living through a pandemic that will be in the next generation’s textbooks some day. One day our kids will be asking us what it was like and how we got through it. I might not have gotten to finish out my school year, but it’s still a senior year to remember. We will always be the quarantine class of 2020.