Teen Entrepreneur hosts grand-opening for candle business

Teen entrepreneur Jasmine Ramsey, is shown among some of the candles that she will be selling at the grand opening of Candles by Jazzy on Saturday, July 24.

At an age when most kids are mastering their video game skills or sending Instagrams, one Villa Rica teen has her eye on retail sales.

Jasmine Ramsey, 15, of Villa Rica, began making candles at the age of 12 as a source of income. On July 24, she will be opening her candle business, Candles by Jazzy.

In 2018, she bought a candle kit from Amazon, and said she loved it so much that she decided to conduct research on candle-making suppliers and started making them herself.

After three years of creating products and branding herself, Jasmine is finally able to expand her business by opening her own storefront.

The grand opening will be located at 254 South Carroll Road; doors will open at 1 a.m., and will close at 3 p.m.

At the grand opening, there will be snacks, games, and even a Candles by Jazzy giveaway.

During the event, Jasmine will have raffle tickets for everyone who attends. She will also have Candles by Jazzy merchandise available for purchase.

“There will also be an exclusive sale happening at the grand opening,” said Jasmine. “However, I won’t announce what that sale is until the day of the event.”

Since the start of her business, Jasmine has gained a lot of attention by selling her products at different festivals, such as Mayfest. In addition, she has been selling her products online.

“We also have a candle club that delivers candles to your doorstep every month.”

In 2019, Jasmine was named Atlanta Business Chronicles’ Youth Entrepreneur Small Business Person of the Year.

“I am inspired by my mom and other entrepreneurs in my family,” said Jasmine. “They give me advice and show me that anything is possible with hard work.

“I have had a fun experience. I love being a business owner.”

Candles by Jazzy products come in different sizes, colors, and scents. In making each candle, Jasmine has given free rein to her creativity, mixing many different scents and colors.

For that reason, many of her customers have been raving about the scents and the quality of the products.

The 8-ounce candles are sold at $10.99, 16-ounce candles are sold at $18.99; wax melts are sold at $2.99, wax melt warmers are sold at $13.99, and room sprays are sold at $6.50.

“I have a candle named ’Smile’ that is a part of the ‘Be Inspired Collection’,” she said. “It is pineapple scented, and basically the name smile is to remind people to be proud of the person you are today and remember to smile and be happy.”

Jasmine told the Times-Georgian on Friday, that she makes a total of 100 candles in a day. Not to mention Ramsey is still a full-time high school student involved in a few extracurricular activities at Alexander High School.

“Jasmine runs track, plays volleyball, and still hangs out with her friends whenever she is free,” said her mother, Tennille Ramsey.

Jasmine said that business has been great since she started. However, when the pandemic hit maintaining her business was challenging for her.

“A challenge I faced was during COVID,” said Jasmine. “When the company I was using wasn’t making the glass jars I needed for my candles, I had to use tins to keep my business running. In addition to that, I was not able to attend any festivals.”

Opening her first store is just one of her many plans. Currently, she is working on adding body butters to the mix, along with candle travel sets, and more merchandise.

In the future, Jasmine hopes to branch out and open more stores.

“When I graduate high school, I hope to grow the business to have employees and several store fronts,” said Jasmine. “One of the locations I am interested in, is Atlanta.”