Because of its popularity among vendors and customers, the Church Street Farmers Market will run through October in downtown Douglasville.

The Church Street Farmer Market was scheduled to end last month, however, its popularity among vendors and customers has extended the stay.

With a lot of farmers producing late crops, farmers market officials said it was the right thing to do.

“We have had a very good response from vendors and customers, especially our farmers,” said Susan Culpepper, UGA Cooperative Extension Coordinator for the county. “They have enough crops and some more crops coming on.”

The Church Street Farmers Market runs each Tuesday until Oct. 26 in the parking lot at the old Douglasville Police station.

Culpepper said they are planning a costume contest for the October 26 Church Street Farmers Market and kids will be able to trick-or-treat at the booths.

The farmers market is sponsors by Keep Douglasville Beautiful.

“This is a good outlet for local and West Georgia vendors to sell their products,” Culpepper said. “Over the last three years, there has been a renewed interest in West Georgia for locally-grown items.”

Local vendors agree.

“I love it here,” said Yalanda Lattimore, owner DryerBuzz, a handmade soap maker. “I love being around my neighbors. This is around the corner from my house. The customers have been amazing.”

Bryan LaFontaine said the extra weeks is perfect because of his late crops are coming in.

“Stuff is growing now that was hard to grow when it was really hot,” said LaFontaine, who alone with his wife, Julie, owns PB&J Farms in Lithia Springs.

“The weather is cooperating,” LaFontaine said. “I’m glad to see it go a little longer.”

Culpepper calls the local weekly market the perfect fit for the county.

“It is not too long, but large enough to offer a lot of variety,” she said. “We are excited to see it continue to grow.”

Lattimore said that Douglas County is conducive to this type of market.

“Douglas County supports its small businesses,” Lattimore said. “Douglasville makes it happen. This market is my family. This is a good town to do business in.”