Somewhere along the way, someone told me about a theory called The Second Law of Thermodynamics. On further thought, it’s not a theory, it’s a law. As in, naw, there’s no guessing about it ... it’s just the truth.

And in this humble, uneducated and simplistic brain, this is what it means: if you don’t do something about stuff, it crusts up, gets dirty, breaks down. Any house that contains children — heck, not even children, just people — will tell you that if you don’t constantly pick it up, polish it, clean it, buff it, wipe it down — it will degrade into chaos.

Like my house right this minute. I’ve had two grandchildren under the age of eight for two days. We’ve gone to church, had numerous meals together, ran an errand for a neighbor, answered phone calls and emails for real estate deals threatening to unravel, had naps, cleanups and scraped dog poop off of shoes. The house looks literally like a bomb went off in here. And it’s just Monday.

The Villa Rica Christmas Tour of Homes is in 3-1/2 weeks and there’s not a Christmas ornament to be seen. Everything’s still packed up tight as a clam in the barn. I promised myself I’d decorate the week after Halloween (whatever) and that I’d turn down everything humanly possible. Meanwhile, Thanksgiving’s looming like a bad vulture and they’re saying we’re not having Christmas this year anyway (whoever said that doesn’t understand the meaning of Christmas).

The grandkids asked if they could jump in one of Papa’s piles of leaves and I said why not. I’ve continued to insist on them not watching any TV or shows while they’re here. And even though I caved on them having any snacks and did a U-turn on 278 to get them a chocolate-on-chocolate doughnut (and I got a giant iced coffee that really helped me out, a lot), I’ve stuck to the no-TV thing and they’ve had a lot of old-fashioned fun getting filthy dirty, even if it did mean dealing with dog offal and scratchy skin.

While they jumped, I stopped long enough to actually look at the sky today. It’s that periwinkle-kind-of-blue that lays pretty on the fall leaves. It smells like smoke and dusky leaves out here, and even a few minutes of it restored my faith in the wonder of childhood.

They’ll be going home in the morning. Somehow I’ll get this mess cleaned up and somehow I’ll once again pull a rabbit out of a hat for the Tour of Homes (it’s December 3, if you’re asking. Tickets can be found on Facebook on the Villa Rica Christmas Tour of Homes 2021 page).

I’ve often said that (unfortunately) I’m kind of like a old geyser — it has to back up real bad and then I explode and get busy. Here’s hoping I don’t hurt anybody on the way out...

Rosemarie Norton is an artist and Realtor who lives on Magnolia Street in Villa Rica. Catch up with her at or

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