A Carrollton man and woman were arrested Monday by Carrollton police after a verbal dispute turned physical.

Billy Williams was charged with battery and Patricia Boykin was charged with simple battery in connection with the incident, according to a police department report.

At approximately 12:39 a.m., officers arrived at a residence on the 600 block of Burson Avenue to deescalate a reported verbal dispute between Williams and his wife, Boykin.

When officers arrived on scene, Williams showed them a cellphone video of Boykin knocking a ceramic plate out of his hand while in the kitchen.

The video allegedly shows that Boykin had a bleeding injury to her chest. And before the video ends, it reportedly shows Boykin push Williams.

According to police, Williams then told the officers that he did not cause those injuries to Boykin, and that she caused them herself.

Police then spoke with Boykin away from Williams. Boykin allegedly told officers that Williams’ video did not show him allegedly throwing a piece of the broken plate at her.

Due to what the officers saw in the video, both Williams and Boykin were placed under arrest.

Williams was charged for the visible injury to Boykin’s chest. Boykin was arrested due to pushing Williams in the video.

According to police reports, Williams refused to prosecute Boykin. But, Boykin wished to prosecute Williams.

Williams and Boykin were both taken to the Carroll County jail. As of Tuesday, both remain in jail. Their bond has not been set.

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