A man was arrested Thursday by Carroll County deputies after they say he threatened a woman with a knife.

Marvin Smith, 45 of Stone Mountain, was charged with aggravated assault, three counts of cruelty to children, and one count of terroristic threats.

At approximately 8:13 p.m., deputies arrived at 314 Lost Lake Place to investigate a report that a mother was being attacked by a father in possession of a knife.

When deputies arrived on scene, the mother was locked away in the bedroom. And the father, later identified as Smith, was sitting in the living room with the children.

Once deputies entered into the home, they noticed Smith holding a knife on his right side. Deputies then told Smith to maneuver the weapon so they could disarm him.

Smith did so without incident.

According to the police report, the witnesses had a recording of Smith cursing and hitting their mother while also destroying items in the bedroom.

Witnesses told deputies that as Smith was holding down their mother, his hands were on her head and he was holding a knife, threatening her.

Deputies then spoke with the mother. The mother told deputies that she was sitting in the living room on the computer when Smith started arguing about her not wanting to spend time with him.

Smith then began throwing and slamming items in the room, and even busted a hole in the wall with a glass type bottle, the mother said.

While she was sitting on the floor, she alleges that Smith charged at her and slammed her head on the floor with his hand and held her there while threatening to stab her with the knife.

Deputies say the mother wouldn’t talk further. She also refused pictures to be taken of her.

After hearing the witnesses, seeing the video, and speaking with the mother, Smith was placed under arrest.

According to the police report, Smith made no statements about the incident. But, Smith continuously told the deputies that they were not allowed in his home because he did not invite them.

Smith was taken to the Carroll County jail. As of Friday, Smith is still in jail. His bond has not been set.

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