A Carrollton man was arrested Wednesday morning by the Carrollton Police Department after allegedly pouring gasoline on a woman’s car.

Justin Bom was charged with reckless conduct, violating a family violence order, and theft by shoplifting.

At around 11:17 a.m. on Sept. 8, police went to the Crown Inn, located at 102 Royal Crown Court after getting a call about a man — later identified as Bom — who had allegedly poured gasoline on a woman’s car before fleeing.

The woman’s name was not given in a police department report about the incident.

According to the report, when officers arrived they were told the man had fled on a camouflage dirt bike.

The victim told officers that she and Bom had gotten into an argument outside the motel.

She reportedly said that Bom removed the gas tank cap from her vehicle during the dispute. She also told officers that her child was inside the car during the argument.

She told officers that once she was able to get back inside of her car, she placed it in reverse to get away from Bom. But, she said, Bom stood there and appeared afraid that she was going to hit him with the vehicle.

The woman told police that’s was when Bom allegedly started to pour gasoline inside her car. And she claimed Bom said he was going to call DFACS on her.

Police say when they examined the car they smelled what resembled gasoline coming from the front bumper.

Bill Lambert with the City of Carrollton Fire Department began an analysis on the vehicle. He told police that there was a positive reading for a chemical in the area of the detected odor.

The victim also told police that due to prior incidents, Bom had a special conditions bond prohibiting contact with her.

However, she told officers that she had let him enter her room the night before so that he could take a shower and get some sleep.

While police were at the scene, they received a radio report that another Carrollton police officer was driving behind Bom.

Bom, who was riding a dirt bike, was stopped. The report alleges that officers learned that the dirt bike, along with the helmet, had been taken in a previous shoplifting from Walmart.

The bike was put in safe keeping for Walmart representatives, the report says, while Bom was taken to the Carroll County Jail.

His bail has not been set.