Rhonda Y. Keith, a native Bowdonian, is running for Ward 1 seat of the city council currently held by Jan Rowland Johnson.

After graduating from Bowdon High School, Keith receiver a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech Communication from Clark College in Atlanta, Georgia. She continued education at Ball State University, Muncie Indiana.

Keith said her experience is diverse as she has worked as a Flight Attendant for the global carrier of Delta Airlines Inc. for 41 years. Her personal story, she said, is laden with attentiveness, communications, and decision making.

Q: Why are you seeking this office?

A: “E-Pluribus Unum” : one of many. I am seeking the City Council seat for Ward 1 of Bowdon, Georgia. I have always been solicitous about Bowdon. I am committed and dedicated to serving through engaging collaborations with the council in order to promote more diverse, equitable and inclusive representation.

I want to be a City Council member because I CARE! It is just that simple. I want to be a part of the decision making process for my city. Out of many, I am the one!

Q: What are your top three goals for your term if elected?

A: Throughout this election process, constituents’ concerns were heard with compassion and understanding. As a result, I am committed to a transparent communal relationship with the citizens if elected to the City Council. Ward 1 is deserving of firm inclusiveness and diversification!

If elected my objectives are to be:

Improving Community conversations to inspire and to listen

Seeking economic development for growth and employment

Initiating neighborhood engagement to work side by side


Q: What do you think is the main issue in Bowdon?

A: Over the last couple of months my team and I have knocked on doors, installed yard signs, engaged in a meet-and-greet and put boots on the ground. While reaching out to the community, we received diverse feedback, such as: “I want to see growth”, “I don’t matter”, “Why bother”, “No one cares.”

Q: What is the toughest issue facing the city, and what do you think should be done?

A: As I look back on the narrowing campaign journey the one most concerning sentiment was ALL of them! Any and all tax paying citizens should proudly feel a part of the city, feel protected by it’s law enforcement, feel fair treatment by it’s city government and be vehemently represented by their ward representative.

Q: How would you describe the overall “climate” of (name of city), in terms of economics, livability, and relations within the community? What areas need improvement and where are we on track?

A: The overall climate for economics and livability for many has been nothing short of absolutely wonderful here in Bowdon. This beautiful small municipality with the charming neighborhoods, welcoming store owners, delectable southern food, in all 3.4 square miles is the epitome of small town USA. I would like for it to be that way for all the citizens of Bowdon.

Now is the time to show that democracy works and can work if we just all work together!

I will not lead with indifference, but with compassion.

I will not lead with selfish vanity, but with humility.

Make your VOTE your VOICE!!!