Jan Rowland Johnson, is the incumbent in Bowdon’s City Council Ward 1. She is running for re-election against Rhonda Y. Keith.

Q: Why are you seeking this office?

A: I am seeking office to help facilitate the completion of major projects we have begun. We are in the midst of a great push to improve our infrastructure as well as other quality of life projects and I would hate to walk away before our goals are reached.

Q: What are your top three goals for your term if elected?

A: Improvement of our infrastructure is the top priority, beginning with our water treatment plant which we have already begun to update. Equally important is our water distribution system as we have numerous water lines in need of replacement. Work on resurfacing city streets and remodeling the former Bowdon Primary School Building for use as City Hall facilities continues. Public Safety remains a top priority for us as we hope not only to provide new facilities for police headquarters at the renovated municipal complex but also to provide updated equipment for our officers. Also, quality of life issues such as providing parks and recreation facilities are important. We hope to improve and expand our park system as well as our recreation programs and facilities.

Q: What do you think is the main issue in Bowdon?

A: Funding.

Q: What is the toughest issue facing the city, and what do you think should be done?

Funding is always a serious issue in a small city, so economic development is extremely important to hopefully expand our tax base. The City of Bowdon has an active Main Street program as well as a newly formed Downtown Development Authority, and both are working to promote increased economic activity.

Q: How would you describe the overall “climate” of Bowdon, in terms of economics, livability, and relations within the community? What areas need improvement and where are we on track?

A: Bowdon is a small city with a rich history of supporting education and public service. It is a warm and friendly place. Our churches, schools, and city government work together to support and help one another. A prime example is the Bowdon Area United Christian Ministries, which receives support from churches, the city and individuals to help those in need of food, clothing, or funds. We are fortunate to have citizens who stand ready to serve and help one another. It is an honor and privilege for me to serve Bowdon and its citizens.