James Paul: Entertainer, Educator, Entrepreneur

James Paul, owner and CEO of Schiller Productions, is a multimedia artist who has parlayed his talents and background into becoming an entertainer, educator, and entrepreneur.

James Paul, owner and CEO of Schiller Productions, is a multi-media artist who has parlayed his talents and background into becoming an entertainer, educator, and entrepreneur.

Recently, Paul has been hosting his own podcast called “The James Paul Show” where he interviews local influencers and talks about the tools and strategies for creating engaging content for businesses.

Originally from New Jersey, Paul said he moved to the Carrollton area when he was offered a teaching position at the University of West Georgia (UWG), where he taught film and video production.

“I applied for work at the university, had an interview, and they hired me,” said Paul. “And I was there for eight and a half years.”

In addition to teaching, Paul conducted workshops on mindsets, branding, social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and other thought-leadership subjects.

Once Paul left UWG, he began Schiller Productions, which is a content creation company — specializing in creating audio and video content for people, companies, and organizations to be used for marketing and advertising.

It is in downtown area, located at 204 Adamson Square.

As the CEO, Paul oversees the creative and strategic direction of the company. He currently serves on the board of Main Street-Carrollton, as well as chairman and advisor for the Kingdom Development Center.

As producer and director, Paul creates films for businesses and lifestyle clients, school and business partnerships, and is a master of branded content that blends design, live action, and user experience for screens of all sizes.

Paul told the Times-Georgian on Wednesday that he will soon be expanding his business into more of an agency style platform.

“I would like to create a space for the community to come in and kind of have access to equipment in order to create their own pieces,” said Paul.

Paul said he would like to make this expansion because over the years, he learned that many of those businesses still need help with how to utilize the content after it has been created.

“A challenge that we have faced often is the full understanding of how to use the content once we have created it,” said Paul. “That is something that we are noticing that is happening.

“So, businesses will hire us for work to create this content, but they don’t fully understand. Therefore, I am going to start offering additional services to help them brand their business effectively.”

In addition to content creations, Paul said that next year he is planning to open a Schiller Academy that will be for students in elementary, middle, and high school.

“Right now, we are in the process of starting an academy,” said Paul. “We’re going to start with the younger kids, teaching them content creation, and how to go about doing it while also being organized.

“We will take them through the whole process of learning. And we will be doing our first session of classes in February.”

During the classes, Paul said the students will learn how to turn their ideas into creative content.

“They will learn the concepts for directing, production, and marketing before they began to create their own products,” said Paul.

“Each student will have a specific job. For example, one will be a director, one will be a producer, and then we will have a marketing team.”

Paul told the Times-Georgian on Wednesday that he has met a lot of kids interested in this field of work, yet some are not able to afford the studies.

“Some kids who are interested in this can’t really afford to go to school for it because going into media and arts is very expensive,” said Paul.

“So this is a nice way to create something for the community that can help these kids to get a career in this type of field because I will be using real-world experiences to teach them.”

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