Glanton-Hindsman Elementary School worked hard to give back to their own and their community.

The school’s students provided 60 Thanksgiving meals to families in need as part of their annual Thanksgiving Food Drive.

The food drive began on Oct. 25 and ended on Nov. 5.

Daniel Huckeba, guidance counselor, said the goal was to provide at least 50 Thanksgiving meals, but the school community surpassed that goal.

“We are still having some items trickle in, but as of now we have at least 60 meal kits to provide,” said Huckeba in an interview with the Times-Georgian earlier this month.

In order to reach this goal, students could participate in three ways, Huckeba said. Students could either bring in individual non-perishable items, make a Thanksgiving box themselves including all items, or donate financially.

Pre-k students were responsible for bringing cranberry sauce, kindergarten students were responsible for canned green beans, first grade students were responsible for box of macaroni and cheese, second grade students were responsible for canned corn, third grade students were responsible for box of stuffing mix, fourth grade students are responsible for box of mash potatoes, fifth grade students were responsible for a box of brownie mix.

However, any and every one could bring a pack of gravy. And as an initiative, the first grade level to fill up their boxes earned a pajama day, according to the school’s Thanksgiving Food Drive flyer.

Since the school has already reached their goal, Huckeba said the school plans to donate additional items to neighboring organizations.

“As we are serving the families at our school first, I am still receiving permission letters everyday and I will not deny any Glanton family,” said Huckeba.

“Once the food is distributed to the families from Glanton, I will work quickly to connect with food banks in order to help them with their holiday giving.”

Huckeba said the families would receive their food boxes during the week of Nov. 15 through Nov. 19.

“We will be in contact with the families and they will have the opportunity to come to the school to receive their meals,” said Huckeba in an interview earlier this month.

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