Dost named county solid waste manager

Jacqueline Dost has been appointed Carroll County’s Solid Waste Manager, it was announced on Thursday.

Jacqueline Dost has been appointed Carroll County’s solid waste manager by commission chairman Michelle Morgan.

The announcement was made by the county on Thursday. Dost has already begun her duties in the post.

“Finding a Solid Waste Manager has been on my list of priorities for a long time, and I needed someone who was passionate about Carroll County and educating our community about solid waste and litter,” said Morgan.

“When Jacqueline approached myself and Public Works Director, Charles Pope — who has been overseeing [the solid waste department] for some time — and told us she would be interested in the position, I was elated! Jacqueline has the background and passion to not only do this job, but to bring a new perspective and excitement to this position. I cannot wait to see all of her wonderful ideas come to fruition.”

Pope said he thought Dost’s long relationship with the community would be a benefit to the department.

“I have worked with Jacqueline for over 25 years as she has served the Carroll County community,” Pope said, “and I believe with her background and positive attitude she has for everything she does, she is the perfect fit for this position and Carroll County is lucky to have her as part of our team.”

Dost has served in many different capacities within the community, including her service as executive director of Keep Carroll Beautiful from 2007 to 2016, and as the Volunteer Executive Director prior to 2007.

During her time at Keep Carroll Beautiful, she engaged in activities that were centered around educating the community on the importance of taking responsibility for improving the environment in four key areas: Litter, Recycling, Beautification and Education.

Jacqueline was also responsible for organizing thousands of volunteers who assisted in roadside litter cleanup, handling recycling inquiries for Carroll County and promoting and hosting electronic recycling events twice a year. Her work at Keep Carroll Beautiful achieved many awards and in 2010 she was named Carroll County Chamber of Commerce Woman of the Year.

As Solid Waste Manager, Dost will oversee the convenience centers within Carroll County and reports on ways to upgrade and maintain these areas. She will also oversee the transfer station and will begin working on educational materials and programs that will assist the citizens in better understanding the detrimental impact litter and recycling can have on a community.

“It is very exciting to be serving our residents as the new Solid Waste Manager for Carroll County,” Dost said. “I am looking forward to using my years of experience in the environmental arena to continue to improve our convenience centers and to enhance our recycling opportunities.”