Carrollton City Council voted Monday night to purchase 278.26 acres of substantially undevelop- ed land on the North Bypass of Carrollton.

A motion to purchase the land was approved after the council returned from a closed-door executive session. Mayor Betty Cason said that the purchase is contingent upon a donation from an anonymous donor.

Before calling for the vote, City Attorney Nevin Smith told the council that there are conditions that limit the use of the property to passive and active recreational uses, not to exceed 30 acres as may be approved by the donor. The 30 acres will eventually be used for active recreation purposes.

Passive recreation is for such uses as hiking or biking, as opposed to active uses that involve, for example, baseball fields.

According to Assistant City Manager David Brooks, the land is mostly intended for passive recreation use, as well as to preserve and maintain good green space.

“We intend to hopefully use some grants to put up trails for hiking or mountain biking,” said Brooks. “But the land will mainly be used to maintain green space, so there will not be any developments there.”

Since there will not be any developments, Brooks said that the city does not have to pay out of pocket for this purchase other than for materials they will need to build a trail system on the land.

“It is in terms of survey costs, and anything we put out there we will pay for,” said Brooks. “But we are currently seeking out grants from the Parks and Recreation Trail Program to offset the cost of putting the trail system in out there.”

In other words, it really depends on what the city plans to do and what the cost of materials will be for the plans they choose to follow.

Brooks said shortly after the acquisition of the land, the city would like to work on providing access and parking space use.

“That will be our tentative plan that we would like to get started on after we are able to acquire the land,” said Brooks.

On behalf of city council, Brooks said that council members are very appreciate of the donation, and are excited to be able to have a nice trail system on such a large tract of land.

“We are excited to provide our community with more green space to be able to hike or bike as well as to protect the stream buffer,” said Brooks.