Villa Rica police arrested a man after finding him asleep inside of La Chiquita Grocery.

Joseph Anthony was charged with second degree burglary.

On Sept. 2, at approximately 7:47 p.m., a Villa Rica police officer went to 901 South Carroll Road after receiving a call about suspicious activity.

When he arrived, the officer reported that he noticed broken glass on the ground from the front entrance window of La Chiquita Grocery. The opening was big enough that a person could fit through, he said.

According to police reports, the officer was able to get inside of the building, and once he got to the kitchen area, he saw a multicolored blanket on the ground under which there appeared to be a person.

The officer said he took a step forward to make sure no one else was in the area before he used hand motions to tell other officers that there was a person inside.

After alerting the other officers, the officer said he identified himself as a police officer to Anthony and detained him without resistance. Anthony was then handcuffed and searched.

According to police reports, Anthony was allegedly confused why he was being detained and said he was just sleeping.

However, Anthony agreed to speak with officers after being read his Miranda Rights.

Anthony told the officers that he was dropped off at QuikTrip by a friend, and then decided to walk to Walmart and stayed there until they closed.

Anthony said he then walked around until he noticed the broken glass in front of La Chiquita Grocery, and walked inside. Anthony told officers that once he was inside he turned on the oven “so that he could get some heat while he slept.”

While investigating the incident, the officer said he saw a large rock in the trash can that Anthony had allegedly used to break the window.

The officer also said he noticed the alarm system on the ground with the battery laid beside it.

The owner of the store arrived on scene after being called by police. The police report says that video surveillance shows Anthony breaking the front entrance window with a rock at approximately 2:55 p.m.

While inside the building, Anthony allegedly poured himself drinks from the fountain, as well as took food from the kitchen.

Anthony remained Wednesday at the Carroll County Jail where his bond has not yet been set.