Local stores don’t follow own mask rules

I have shopped at both the Carrollton Publix and Walgreens in the past week. Both corporations have publicly announced that masks are now required in all their stores.

Yet, in both local stores I observed customers not wearing masks.

In both cases, I asked store employees, “Why aren’t you enforcing the mask requirement?” At Publix, I was told a manager would “request” a customer to wear a mask only if another customer complained. I did complain to a manager about a customer I had passed several times in the aisles. The manager said he would “take care of it.” I don’t know if he did. I didn’t see the customer again.

As for Walgreens, a manager told me that “corporate” won’t allow enforcement of the mask policy, even though a sign at the entrance to the store says masks are MANDATORY. Upon calling “corporate,” a customer service rep cast blame on the local store until I interjected, “They say it’s corporate policy!” I was then promised a call-back from someone higher up the food chain, but that never came.

I do not understand how a corporation can publicly claim they are requiring customers to wear masks — which are for the protection of all against COVID-19 — and yet not enforce that policy. I strongly encourage my fellow shoppers to complain to the store managers and/or corporate offices of these and other businesses who are misleading the public and making no real effort to ensure our safety. However, customers shouldn’t have to complain to force these stores to act; they should honor their publicly-announced policy.

Gary Solomon