You may have read here that to get some relief from the boredom of the coronavirus lockdown which kept us mostly indoors for about three months, I spent a lot of time on the diversions of reading and writing. (No, the third pastime was not doing arithmetic, so to speak, though I liked math in school, including algebra.)

The third one has been walking for exercise and even enjoyment, too.

During the shelter-in-place to try to avoid contracting the disease, I think I actually may have helped myself stay healthier in more ways than one.

What I have done is revive my regular walking routine which, due to my part-time work schedule and other factors, had become almost non-existent for a while.

Since a heart attack sent me reeling some 30 years ago, I have tried to maintain, with some amount of success, a walking regimen, and up until recently had walked regularly about 12 miles a week.

A couple of months ago, spurred by the news that the virus was more of a threat to people my age and older and especially those with an underlying health condition (though I don’t have one that I know of), I decided I would get back in shape by vigorous walking which is great for the heart and lungs, lungs being a prime target for the virus.

I am back up to about 10 miles a week and actually look forward to my treks along the streets of Bowdon every other day or so.

(A few years ago, two of my friends and I in our regular walks covered all the streets of Carrollton, having a great time remembering places from our elementary and high school days as we passed by them or where they once were.)

Now I am attempting to set foot literally on every street in Bowdon and have been making pretty good progress. Walking along the streets gives me a new perspective, seeing places from different angles and sides that you miss in a quick pass in a car. I am discovering places and things I did not know about. (Well, I am a relative newcomer to Bowdon, so there are a lot of places and things I don’t know about.)

I would like to know the history behind the names of all these streets I am treading up and down and around. Maybe that is a project for another time.

Other than the health benefits, though, I think one of the best parts about walking around town is the people I see (from a social distancing distance) along the way, even the people in the vehicles. Though I usually can’t see them well, I try to wave at all who pass. Some sound their horns in response.

There are also the good folks I see sitting on their porches or out in their yards. There’s those at their places of business, the man pulling weeds at the sidewalk, the fellow mowing his yard, the lady pulling the trash dumpster to the street, others who are walking or jogging for their health.

Most all of these people without fail take time to greet me with a “good morning”, a word of encouragement or comment on my walking effort, or maybe just a smile and nod. It reminds me that we are all God’s creation, fashioned with a purpose and a plan, blessed to be alive and well on a new day of opportunities.

Maybe when this virus thing has run its course, I can stop and chat a while with these folks. I would like that.

Turning off the television and taking a walk does me good in more ways than one. Maybe I will see you along the way.