Seventy-five years ago this week, Americans were dancing in the street, horns were blowing and sirens sounding all over the nation. The Japanese had surrendered and World War II was over.

A dear friend of mine, Lori, was cleaning out her house, preparing to downsize. She sent a text that she had left some things in my mailbox.

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I am generally not a picky eater. I’ll pretty much eat anything that doesn’t eat me first. But I am a biscuit snob. I admit it. I was raised on the best biscuits known to Man and can’t compromise when it comes to that Southern culinary delight.

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Editor’s note: Columnist Joe Garrett is on sabbatical. This column was originally published March 22, 2015.

With the evening news so often filled with divisiveness, scandals, and tragedy, we can begin to feel like there’s no hope for our world. At the same time, although they don’t make the headlines, there are many people who remind me that our world isn’t as bad as it seems. Over the next few we…

I’ve told you here before how Lady Julia and I love old things and go in search of them every chance we get — at estate sales, yard sales, thrift stores, and antique malls. And, sometimes we receive “treasures” from friends who know of our hobby and passion.

Editor’s Note: Columnist Joe Garrett is on sabbatical. This column was originally published March 10, 2013.

Local stores don’t follow own mask rules

With only three months remaining until the Nov. 3 election, you can bet television is going to be clogged up until then with lots of dirty political ads. In fact, they’ve already started. They become so irritating that I think most voters simply ignore them. I like to watch them just to get …

Dang that Corona Virus. It’s messed up lots of really important things for kids. You know, things like graduations, proms, summer activities, etc, Now, what will homecoming weekends look like? Social distancing, face masks at homecoming? These are strange times indeed.

I plunked my way through several years of piano lessons. My dear teacher, Elsie McDow, had to be the patron saint of piano students. She was patient and tolerant of my distracted childhood.

Ron Howard is known for his career as an actor in shows like “The Andy Griffith Show” and “Happy Days,” as well as his respectable resumé as director of terrific films like “Splash,” “Apollo 13” and underrated gems like “The Paper” and “Rush.” However, he’s also responsible for compelling do…

To say I was ready for baseball season to begin was an understatement.

“If you were lucky enough to be born different, then don’t try to be like everyone else” — Unknown Author

Summer is halfway over. The Sun shines down in full glory as his persistent sister Humidity kisses us all, leaving behind a sheen of perspiration. It’s the time of year that we begin to appreciate air-conditioning. But for some reason, a numbered few are compelled to go outside and plant a v…

Pandemic risks rise as UWG students return

Editor’s note: Columnist Joe Garrett is on sabbatical. This column was originally published on October 1, 2017