Donna Whitley, a citizen of Whitesburg, is running for the Post 1 seat of the city council currently held by Robert Arnell

Q: Why are you seeking this office?

A: I have lived in Whitesburg for 25 years, and I am at a point in my life where I can “give back,” and I want to do more greater things for this community. I fully understand what is required for Post 1, and I have the skills needed to fill the position successfully. I am eager to help and be a part of all areas in need with the City Council for the betterment of the community

Q: What are your (3) goals if elected?

A: If elected, my first goal is to work on better communication from our community leaders to our citizens. This very much needs to be addressed and corrected. This communication barrier has caused our citizens to lose trust in the current leadership because a great deal of their problems are not being addressed, and are certainly not getting solved.

My second goal would be to work on more community involvement for the greater good of our community. If we can get more support from our community for some of the great organizations that we have in Whitesburg, the possibilities could be endless as to how much could be given back within our community. I believe it all comes “full circle” when the community comes together. Some of these organizations that I am referring to, for example, are The Whitesburg Care Fund, Friends of the Whitesburg Public Library and Harvey’s House of Books. These organizations do so much for Whitesburg, and I feel it is important to find ways to support these groups with funding, volunteering or whatever may be needed.

My third goal is to spend time looking at the ordinances that we have for our city. If elected, I want to see if any of the ordinances need amending, or new ones need to be added to fit the needs of our community situations that we have now.

Q: Pick a specific issue about the city and express your thoughts.

A: One issue our city has is the drug use in certain areas that truly needs to be addressed.

Q: What is the toughest issue facing the city, and what do you think should be done?

A: The toughest issue that I think the city is facing is the loss of trust and faith that our community has with our police department and our city leaders. This all goes back to the breakdown of communication because phone calls are not being answered, emails are not being responded to, and problems are not being solved. I have been told by people in this community that they feel as if their complaints and concerns have fallen on deaf ears. What I feel needs to be done about this is putting the right people in leadership roles (that truly care for our city), that will listen to what people have to say, and actually do something about it! This would be a big step to re-building this trust an bringing this community together.

Q: How would you describe the overall “climate” of Whitesburg in terms of economics, livability, and relations within the community? What areas need improvement and is the city on track?

A: Overall, I do feel that most people in Whitesburg have a true love for our community. Geographically, Whitesburg is the bridge between Carrollton and Newnan, so that makes it an easy commute to have job possibilities in either direction. I also think people enjoy living here because they get that “small town feeling,” but they are not too far away from “the big city” either. I think Whitesburg may be on track to improving some areas by hiring new faces on the police force. We have a new police chief and with that I think some positive changes will be made for the good of our community.