Traffic during drop-off and pick-up at most schools is a twice-daily grind of gridlock, especially at schools like Bay Springs Middle School that fronts one of Carroll County's busiest thoroughfares — Highway 61 between Carrollton and Villa Rica.

Because of safety concerns and as a way to moderate heavy traffic, the Carroll County Sheriff's Department has implemented signage and warning signals at Bay Springs Middle School and Sharp's Creek Elementary on Highway 113 between Carrollton and Temple. 

"These things are all about safety in our school zones," Sheriff Langley said, "and although I have heard many positive comments about what we are doing, I have also heard from some who don't."

The flashing signals are automatically activated and flash during school session period from one hour before school and one-hour after dismissal," Sheriff Langley said.

"This is certainly not a 24-7 thing," he added.

A patrol deputy also on the scene to assist in people entering the main entrance during the same period.

Langley noted that his department has performed studies and survey which has closely analyzed the traffic flow in several congested areas in Carroll County, but particularly in school zones.

"From these studies we have found that there is great many vehicles that are clocked going 20-25 mph over the speed limit," Langley said, "and we seem to write more tickets that we have ticket books."

He said that doing other studies, could be done in the future, but it is a long process.

"The warning lights, the posted signage, and having a deputy in school zones during these times of the day are all about safety for our students, teachers and parents."

"Like I said, some folks say these measures are inconvenient and not that important, but the vast majority of people that I hear from say these things are good and needed to protect everyone."

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