A Waco man was charged Friday in connection with a bomb found on Old Bushmill Road in April.

Samuel Eugene Seabolt, 24, of Waco, was charged with criminal attempt to manufacture an explosive device and possession of methamphetamine, both felonies.

The charges stemmed from an incident on April 19, when Georgia Forestry Commission rangers found an item that looked like a pipe bomb in a ditch next to Old Bushmill Road. Authorities later determined that the device was a bomb.

The item, a metal container with wires and a switch attached to it, was collected by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Bomb Disposal Unit, allowing investigators from the Sheriff’s Office and the GBI to collect evidence from the scene, said Haralson County Capt. Edwin Ivey.

“Haralson County Sheriff’s Office investigators soon developed leads that led them to Sam Seabolt, who had been residing not far from where the device was initially found,” Ivey said in a written statement.

The bomb disposal unit did determine that the item was a bomb, although an unsuccessful one, Ivey said.

“It had enough ingredients that they deemed it as such,” he said. “It took the GBI bomb unit multiple attempts, and then they had to add a lot of stuff to it to destroy it.”

Ivey was not aware of any motive for the bomb, he said.

“There were no obvious intended targets, and even if the thing had gone off … it wouldn’t have done anything but blow back some grass,” Ivey said.

Seabolt was still in Haralson County Jail as of Monday afternoon, but a bond had been set for $15,000.