Two individuals from Carrollton were arrested Sunday following a police chase involving a stolen vehicle.

Whitney Bailey, 23 and Brian Turner, 22, were arrested by Carrollton Police Department. Turner was charged with two counts of theft by taking — one felony and one misdemeanor, one count of willful obstruction of law enforcement, and one count of probation violation.

Bailey was charged with one count each of theft by taking at the felony level, fleeing or attempting to elude law enforcement, probation violation, driving while license was suspended and reckless driving. She was additionally charged with two counts of weaving over the roadway and three counts of failure to obey a stop sign.

On Sunday at approximately 11:40 p.m., a Carrollton officer responded to a call about a stolen vehicle at the Efficiency Lodge on Bankhead Highway, according to police.

While one officer was speaking with a person about his stolen Nissan, another Carrollton officer reported that he was behind that vehicle. The victim of the car theft continued to tell the officer that a man and woman had entered his room and took his car keys but that he was too intoxicated to stop them, according to police.

Meanwhile, the second officer stopped the car in which Bailey was identified as the driver after the car had failed to maintain its lane more than once. Turner was later identified as a passenger in the car, according to police.

As the officer began to explain why he was pulling them over, Turner began to yell. The officer asked for their names, and the two gave inaccurate names of “Brianna Caldwell” and “Cameron,” according to police.

Bailey told the officer that the owner of the vehicle had given her permission to drive the car. At the Efficiency Lodge, the driver produced text messages that showed he did not, according to police.

As the officer spoke with Bailey, she put the car into drive and fled. A chase ensued with multiple police units in pursuit, according to police.

The suspect’s car had reached speeds of 83 miles per hour, police said. No other vehicles were on the road as the pursuit continued through the stop signs of Shady Grove Road and Old Air Port Road; Sandhill Road and Shady Grove Road; and then Old Muse Road and Muse Bridge Road, according to police.

During the chase, the car weaved back and forth into oncoming lanes and drove off the roadway, nearly crashing at the beginning of Muse Bridge Road, according to police.

One officer tried multiple times to attempt a P.I.T. maneuver on several occasions, including on Muse Bridge Road, according to police.

While on Old Muse Road, he attempted another P.I.T. on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Just before the two vehicles made contact, the report says Bailey slammed on the brakes, locking all the tires and coming to a complete stop.

As officers approached the two, Turner once again began yelling, saying, “I know you want to shoot a Black man; come on, shoot me,” according to police. After struggling to restrain Tuner, he was eventually placed in handcuffs. While restrained, he continued to yell, including profanities and other statements.

The two were transported to the Carroll County Jail, and bond has not been set for either individual. They were both still in the custody of the jail as of Monday evening.