With Election Day a week away, campaign signs continue to be stolen in Carroll County.

Rick Tillman, chair of the Carroll County Republican Party, has said that “at least a dozen or more” individuals have communicated to him that their campaign signs for presidential candidate Donald Trump have been stolen.

This comes two weeks after reports from the Carroll County Democratic Party that signs for presidential candidate Joe Biden were being stolen. Law enforcement have confirmed reports that signs for both candidates have been stolen.

Tillman said that additionally, approximately 40 signs were lost in the area of Highway 115 to Temple, and approximately 30 to 40 in the Oak Mountain area.

Carroll County Sheriff’s Office officials said that they received one report last weekend of a stolen Trump sign. Meanwhile, Carrollton Police Department also had just one report of a stolen Trump sign since Oct. 1.

Both Tillman and Democratic Chair Pat Rhudy have staunchly condemned stealing signs, regardless of political affiliation. Both also urge anyone who has had one of their signs taken to contact law enforcement.

A person who is found to have stolen a political campaign sign may be charged with theft by taking and a person who is found on someone’s property without permission may be served and/or charged with criminal trespass.

“I think it’s ridiculous, I condemn it and I know that Pat Rhudy would,” said Tillman. “It’s so juvenile. Why steal signs?”