Astronaut photo

Elena Bernal at the West Georgia Regional Airport was filmed asking her question to be sent to the International Space Station.

A 17-year old student and aspiring pilot in Carrollton has the unique opportunity of asking a question to astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

Elena Bernal is a homeschooled student from Carrollton and a recipient of the Ray Aviation Scholarship from the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA).

This $10,000 scholarship will go towards her flight training expenses. Elena will be using this scholarship to work toward her private pilot license, which is required before obtaining a commercial pilot license.

And through the EAA, or Experimental Aircraft Association, Elena is one of a handful to have been picked to transmit a question up to astronauts aboard the ISS.

Two American astronauts were recently launched on the spacecraft SpaceX Dragon to join the crew who were currently in orbit working in the space station. Elena had submitted several questions, one of which was picked to be asked to astronauts.

Elena wanted to know what life is like at the space station, what the food was like, and how the view is. She recorded a video of herself asking this question Tuesday afternoon at the West Georgia Regional Airport.

In addition to just wanting to know in general what life and doing experiments are like on the ISS, but she said she knows that the 360-degree view from the station’s cupola is spectacular.

The questions will be submitted to the astronauts and televised at a future date and time by NASA.

Elena first began her aeronautical journey when her dad, Juan Bernal, took her and her siblings on a scouting activity with the Young Eagles flight program with the EAA, which is an organization of air enthusiasts.

“I went on it and I really liked it, so I decided to start attending more EAA activities and from there I decided that this is what I want to do, it’s practically perfect for me,” said Elena.