An interim E-911 director has been appointed temporarily in Carroll County after two long-time employees resigned from the emergency dispatch center.

Jeff Richards, current warden of the Carroll County Prison, will temporarily serve as director of E-911 until a new one can be appointed, county officials said Friday.

The temporary appointment was made after the previous E-911 director, Trisha Orr, resigned from her position. Additionally, the operations manager Tyler Shadix also resigned from his position.

No reason was given for the resignations, but they were described as “amicable” in a memo from Carroll County Chairman Michelle Morgan.

Orr first began as Director of the Carroll County center in 2009 after previously serving as interim director of the Coweta County E-911 Department, and before that as deputy director.

The E-911 center takes all emergency calls, from fires to car accidents to medical emergencies, and dispatches the appropriate first responders to the scene. The E-911 serves 11 public safety agencies.

The center has been around for about 35 years, having first becoming active in August of 1985. Currently, there are 35 employees at the center, according to the Carroll County website.

The memo from Morgan does not specify how long Richards will serve as interim director, only that he will serve “effective immediately” in addition to his duties as warden.

It is not the first time that Richards will have served as interim director of E-911, as he also served as director during the time between the two previous directors.

“I believe he will do an excellent job at E-911, just as he has done at the Prison,” said Morgan’s memo.