Carrollton Police Department are looking for the person who stole a car and drove it though Carrollton City Cemetery, damaging gravestones.

On Saturday, a car was stolen after its owner had parked the vehicle outside her residence at around midnight and locked its doors. She found that the car was gone at approximately 5 a.m. the next day, according to investigator Brandon Sheffield.

She reported the car as stolen and police later found the car crashed at Carrollton City Cemetery on Alabama Street. The crash had caused significant damage to a grave site, according to Sheffield.

“It had evidently been traveling at a high rate of speed and lost control,” said Sheffield.

At this time, police do not have any suspects but they were able to obtain a palm print from the vehicle. It was later revealed in an investigation that the car had been hotwired, according to Sheffield.

Police are asking the public for assistance and request that if anyone has any information to contact Sheffield at 770-834-4451.