A 26-year-old man has been charged with abducting a Temple woman at knifepoint Tuesday after allegedly hiding in her car to ambush her.

Jarrett Allen Lord of Douglasville was charged by the Carrollton Police Department with one count each of kidnapping, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, hijacking a motor vehicle, entering an automobile with intent to commit a felony, criminal damage to property to the second degree, and criminal trespass.

According to a police department report, the victim was attacked after she was dropping her kids off at her mother’s house, located in the area of Carrollton City Schools.

Police said Lord was previously in a relationship with the woman and had allegedly tracked where she would be, then hid in a third-row backseat of her car.

After dropping off her kids, the woman re-entered her car and started to drive. As she did so, Lord allegedly rose from the back of the vehicle to show himself.

Police said Lord started questioning the woman about her personal life and while doing so, moved into the second-row backseat of her vehicle and brandished a knife. Putting his arms around her and allegedly holding the knife to her chest, he began to threaten her.

At one point during the abduction, police said, the victim managed to escape the car as it was moving at slow enough speeds for her to jump out, but police said Lord put her back into the car, then drove the vehicle himself to her residence in Temple.

Once in Temple, the woman was able to again exit the vehicle as it was moving and call police. During the incident, she did not suffer any injuries other than abrasions from the pavement after exiting the car, according to police.

The Temple Police Department is also involved in this case. Lord had been denied bail and as of Wednesday afternoon, he was in custody at the Carroll County Jail.