Villa Rica will open more of its facilities to the public on Monday as part of a general easing of restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus outbreak.

On Wednesday, the city announced that City Hall will re-open to the public on May 18 for the first time since all city facilities were shut down in late March. Also to be reopened is the city’s customer service center and the offices of the Police Department.

Last week, the city announced that walking trails at Gold Dust Park and the Pine Mountain Gold Museum would re-open. However, all buildings, ballfields, playgrounds, and restrooms will remain closed.

The train at Pine Mountain will also continue to be shut down.

Even with the re-opening of the city facilities, social distancing and other measures will remain in place.

On March 23, Mayor Gil McDougal issued an executive order and declared an emergency in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. That order had the effect of shutting down the city by prohibiting all public gatherings of over 10 people and limiting the operations of city restaurants to deliveries or curbside meal pickups.

Since then, Gov. Brian Kemp has issued orders that allowed some businesses to begin reopening, including restaurant dining rooms. On Tuesday, Kemp extended his restrictions from early April that closed bars, nightclubs, and live performance venues. He also renewed safety requirements for other businesses such as childcare facilities.

Villa Rica officials have expressed caution in re-opening facilities, lest crowds of people produce new cases of COVID-19, the serious illness associated with the coronavirus.

Many city businesses have likewise been cautions. Few restaurants, for example, have applied for temporary permits that would allow them to extend their seating areas to tents set up in their parking lots.