New coach to helm Lady Trojans volleyball

Cameron Mount

The Lady Trojans Volleyball team at Carrollton High School will be kicking off a new season this year with a new head coach.

Cameron Mount, a school counselor at Carrollton High School (CHS), will assume the head coaching position immediately, following the resignation of the former head coach Lauren Sanders.

“I’m excited and humbled to be able to coach for a school and program with such a rich history,” said Mount. “I’m already extremely grateful for the support and expertise of the coaching staff that I am joining on the sideline.”

Sanders chose to resign from coaching to focus more on her teaching career and ongoing graduate studies.

“Although Sanders served a short tenure with the program, she was successful in her work,” said CHS Athletic Director, Paul Fitz-Simons.

Fitz-Simons also noted that Sanders produced back-to-back region championships in 2019 and 2020, as well as two state play-off appearances.

“We are grateful for her impact on our program, and wish her the very best,” said Fitz-Simons.

In many sports, it is common for the top coaching positions to be held by former players, since they would know all the rules and regulations of the sport.

Mount said that he comes from a family that loves volleyball. He even said, his family were the type that would still play in the yard even when the season was not in.

“I grew up in California, where boys volleyball has a very established history,” said Mount. “I started playing organized volleyball when in sixth grade.”

Because of his extensive background in volleyball, Fitz-Simons predicts that the transition will be seamless.

“Coach Mount played volleyball all through high school and as a collegiate athlete at UCLA, with the team capturing a national title during his years there,” said Fitz-Simons. “Following graduation, he played professionally in Portugal and when he returned home, he coached volleyball at the high school and club levels.”

Fitz-Simons noted that Mount’s role as a guidance counselor will serve him well as a coach.

“Coach Mount has already developed strong relationships with many of our players in his role, therefore, we expect great things from him.” Said Fitz-Simons.

Mount said that being a counselor has taught him a great deal about perspective, communication, and relationships.

“I believe that our greatest potential is unlocked when we’re engaged in healthy and fulfilling relationships,” said Mount. “And I hope that my experience in mental health will contribute our ability to foster those relationships on our team.

“Our goal every year is to win our region and compete for a state title. I know many of these varsity players from having coached them in club volleyball in the past. We have a lot of talent, great success in the recent past, and I think we’re in an excellent position to make a deep run in the State Tournament.”