Wow, what a time to be alive, literally! Especially for a Senior like myself. I did not see my Senior Year going quite this way! Working from home, missing out on making memories with my friends, and getting to experience all the fun activities for seniors, its all so different now.

In 2016, my sister, Meagan was a senior at Mt. Zion High School. I was in eighth grade at the time. I got to watch her do all the senior activities; from walking the halls at the elementary and middle schools, to senior prom, spring break, senior luncheon, Baccalaureate, all the way to the most important thing… Graduation.

I can remember being so

excited and anxious to get to experience all this in 2020 when I became a senior. This provided me so much desire to strive to be successful, and in just a few years reach the goal that my sister had reached! I strived to be celebrated just like that. I mean, I worked hard for 12-plus years to arrive at the destination that I am at, now right? This is supposed to be an exciting time in my life as a


All the things that every graduating class before mine

has got to experience I may not

get to experience. It is crazy to think that all these things have been pulled out from under myself and my fellow classmates. But, through it all this is a time for me to live in the moment. While I may not be able to experience all these things traditionally with my class,

it is going to make our reunion time so much sweeter!

Thanks to our wonderful staff

at Mt. Zion High School, we seniors are not fighting this invisible enemy alone! Our administration goes above and beyond to make sure our senior year is the best it can be during this difficult time in history. While we cannot be together now, it

gives us so much time to realize how thankful each moment, that we have taken for granted over

the years, is! It is so important

to me that we stay together.

We are MZ; we are a family.

Most of this year’s graduating

class was born before, during,

or after the 9/11 attack when

our world was in turmoil and

now, we will graduate during

a pandemic. While this seems

like the end, it is just the beginning!

Senior year is a very important time in my life, but I know this is just the start of what’s to come! I know God knew this pandemic

was going to occur in 2020 the

last few months of my senior year, but I also know there is a purpose for this as well. While this may

be a difficult time, I know that

to every season there is a


I believe that the Class of

2020 was made for this, we are strong, and we will come out of

this with such a better perspective of life and how we should saver every moment of it. Mt. Zion,

thank you for the best memories and moments of my life! Forever my Family, Forever my Home!

We are the Eagles, we are


“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” — Isaiah 40:31

MZ, Thank you for everything!