At a special meeting on Monday, the Bremen City Council appointed Eddie Hulsey as associate judge after learning that the city’s municipal judge was infected with COVID-19.

Mayor Sharon Sewell called the special meeting to order and recommended the council members appoint Haralson County Probate Judge Hulsey as the new associate judge. Hulsey already serves as municipal judge in another Haralson County city, and has all the proper certifications, she said.

Cases were scheduled for municipal court on Wednesday, and with Municipal Judge David Mecklin ill and unable to preside, it was imperative to appoint someone to take over, Sewell added.

The city had previously appointed Tommy Greer as associate judge, but he died March 1 of injuries he received in a car accident.

“We had not taken steps to replace Tommy,” she said. “David’s (Mecklin) never missed before, so we just didn’t think about it.”

COVID-19 cases are rising quickly in the county. According to Georgia Deparment of Public Health records, on Tuesday there were 114 confirmed cases in the county, a rate of 371 per 100,000. That means that in a local gathering of 250 people there is likely one person who has the virus.