A Monday morning residential fire near Carrollton damaged a residence, but no one was hurt — including a litter of puppies.

On Monday, Carroll County Fire Rescue units responded to a call around 8 a.m. about a residential fire on Old Airport Road. The home was near the Shady Grove Road intersection.

Fire Marshal Nic Turner said units got control of the flames in less than five minutes.

During the firefighters’ effort to manage the fire, they discovered a litter of puppies. All puppies were accounted for and unharmed.

Marshal Turner said none of the residents were inside the home during the incident.

But a few neighbors observed the scene from behind a fence as firefighters extinguished the remaining flames scorching the house.

After a thorough inspection, Fire Rescue personnel determined a heat lamp that provided warmth for the puppies caused the fire, so fire investigators believe the cause of the blaze to be accidental, said County Communications Director Ashley Hulsey.

Firefighters located the heat lamp toward the rear end of the home, according to Hulsey. She added that the majority of the house sustained fire damage.