Covid chart

COVID-19 cases in Carroll County over time per Georgia DPH. The virus was first reported here in February and has an incubation period of two to 14 days. Positive cases have been on the rise here as the state has relaxed its requirements for battling the virus. The blue bar chart shows how many cases per day of COVID-19 have occurred in the county. The red line shows the seven-day moving average, which is the average number of cases the previous seven days. The data also includes a 14-day lag in testing and reporting to DPH, so any data in this time period is subject to change.

Carroll County has surpassed 1,000 cases of COVID-19 as Tanner Health System is reporting a nearly 11% positive testing rate in their system.

The Department of Public Health is also reporting that the rate of deaths in Carroll County is higher than the rate calculated for all of the surrounding counties in Georgia, including metro Atlanta.

Tanner Health System has been reporting daily positive cases of COVID-19 on a weekly basis, with the most recent data extending to July 7. In this data, the number of positive tests has increased, surpassing daily positive cases from the end of March and April.

On July 2 and July 6, Tanner Health System reported each day as having 38 positive tests for that day in its Georgia facilities, the highest daily positive test results, according to data provided by Tanner.

The next highest single day positive test result count was June 29, with 33 positive results in one day.

Out of the 9,467 total tests performed, there were 965 positive test results, putting the positive rate percentage at 10.95%.

There have been 40 total deaths due to COVID in Carroll County according to DPH, and the last death occurred on June 13.

The DPH measures the severity of the pandemic based on the number of cases that appear per 100,000 residents of a county. By that reckoning, the 33.3 death rate in Carroll is higher than all the metro Atlanta counties.

Those are: Fulton at a rate of 29.2, DeKalb at a rate of 22.3, Gwinnett at a rate of 18.3, Cobb at a rate of 31.6, Clayton at a rate of 26.6, Coweta at a rate of 10.5, Douglas at a rate of 25.7, Fayette at a rate of 16.2, and Henry at a rate of 14.2.

Despite a lower death rate, the top five counties in Georgia for positive COVID-19 cases are Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, Gwinnett, and Hall counties. For deaths per 100,000 people, Hall County has 30.5.

Tanner’s health system tracks cases for both those reported at Tanner’s hospitals in Georgia as well as its facility in Alabama. In Georgia, Tanner Health System has hospitals in Carrollton, Villa Rica and Bremen.

The numbers reported by Tanner reflect cases that have been tested or treated within the health system, regardless of the county of patient origin. The data does not include any tests performed by the local health department, government agencies or non-Tanner affiliated clinics.

The Georgia Department of Public Health does, however, track cases based on the county of origin for the patient. Carroll County passed the 1,000 case threshold on July 7 and the county is currently sitting at 1,008 cases.

DPH is reporting 117 cumulative hospitalizations in the county and Tanner Health System is not providing online data for hospitalizations rates in their health system.

On Monday, the Times-Georgian requested daily numbers for hospitalization rates for COVID-19. However, Tanner officials did not respond.