The number of COVID cases in Carroll County has climbed for a third straight week, with one new death and the number of fully vaccinated residents remaining stalled at under 30%.

According to data released Friday by the Tanner Health System, 20 people are hospitalized with COVID-19 infections, four more than last week.

The health system said that 12 COVID patients were being treated at Tanner Medical Center / Carrollton and there were six patients at its Villa Rica facility. There were two patients at Higgins General Hospital in Bremen.

Those patients may not be Carroll County residents, since all three facilities treat patients from across west Georgia.

However, the Georgia Department of Public Health reported Friday that since the onset of the pandemic in March 2020, there have been 7,630 confirmed cases of COVID. One week ago, the same report stated 7,587 cases. That’s an additional 43 people in one week’s time.

Not every COVID infection results in a hospitalization

The DPH data also states that the cumulative COVID-related deaths in the county since the pandemic began now stands at 133. That’s one more since last week and the first time that number has changed since mid-May. There are 114 other deaths that the state considers “probable deaths” related to COVID.

Vaccinations in the county have increased, but not enough to make a major change in the percentage of county residents who have been vaccinated.

The health department reported that 67,463 vaccinations had been administered as of Friday, an increase of 889 over the previous week.

The percentage of county residents who have received one dose of the two-dose vaccines stood at 31% on Friday, an increase over the previous week by 1%.

But the percentage of fully vaccinated residents remained at 28%, the same number as in the previous two weeks.