The Carrollton City Council discussed numerous items related to obtaining funds for some street improvements and also looked at placing an order for some fire trucks.

City manager Tim Grizzard said on Thursday afternoon that the county has gotten one grant, applied for another and discussed the possible purchase of fire trucks for the city’s fire department.

The city discussed placing an order for four fire trucks and one ladder truck for a cost that Grizzard estimated at “just over $4 million.”

“We weren’t expecting to make an order (for the fire trucks) this soon,” Grizzard said.

What prompted the immediate consideration was the fact that costs of those trucks will skyrocket by 11% at the beginning of 2022, plus there is a two-year waiting period for delivery once the order has been made.

Grizzard said payment doesn’t have to be made until delivery of the trucks.

Placing the order, Grizzard said, saves the city approximately $440,000 versus waiting.

“There is no reason to delay the order,” Grizzard said in a phone interview on Thursday afternoon.

Carrollton city leaders also discussed applying for a grant for $1.5 million for a streetscape project on Maple Street similar to the work that was finished earlier this year on Bankhead.

Once applied, the answer should be received by the city sometime in the summer of 2022, according to Grizzard.

Grizzard said the city has received approval for a grant totaling $500,000 for work on the Midtown Water Park.

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