The property of Pelican’s Snoballs has been approved for a permit that would allow food trucks within the city.

A special use permit was approved during Monday’s City Council meeting for 401 Bankhead Highway, which is home to Pelican’s Snoballs. While the permit comes with a few rules, customers will soon be able to enjoy something to eat along with their frozen treats.

As part of the permit, the property can only have one food truck at a time on the property. Owner Brent Harris said that so far, one food truck — the Blue Nomad — has shown interest in stopping by the property.

Harris said that he is glad that the permit was approved, and he said that as soon as food trucks fill out their own permits to serve on the property, they can begin to sell on the property.

Brett Ledbetter, Ward 2 council member, added the condition of having only one truck at a time on the property, but said that the topic could be revisited in the future. He cited concerns over limited parking space, as well as the fact that the property is already home to an established business.

“They can have a different food truck every day; that doesn’t bother me at all. I just don’t want us to put two out there, or three out there, and then all of a sudden we have traffic backing out onto Bankhead trying to get in the parking lot,” said Ledbetter.

Other conditions include that the food truck leave the property at night and that the permit has to be renewed annually.

Ledbetter added that at the work session later this week, the council will be addressing the cost of locating another food truck court in the city and plans to discuss a universal food truck permit.

Currently, food truck owners are required to have a permit for each location at which they serve. However, the universal permit would no longer require that for locations where food trucks are already allowed.