Bart Cater is one of two candidates for District Six of the Carroll County Schools Board of Education, representing the Bowdon cluster, seeking the post in Tuesday’s primary.

A member of the school board for over 20 years, Cater is the incumbent for the seat and facing opponent David Smith. He said that he is choosing to run again because continuity is key right now for the board, and his years of experience can help with that.

“One of the main points for the board was how we are trying to make sure that as superintendents change, and board members change, that the system will continue on a path to continued success,” Cater said in a written statement.

“The success of the school system doesn’t come from just the superintendent or the board. It comes from everyone in the system working together with common goals and strategies.”

Cater is a lifelong resident of Bowdon and graduated from Bowdon High School in 1985 before receiving his degree in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1991. His involvement in the community includes being an active member at Antioch Baptist Church.

While on the board, he said he is proud to be a part of such projects as a high graduation rate, safety initiatives, and projects funded with ESPLOST dollars. The ESPLOST is a one-% sales tax to help fund school facility improvements.

Part of his goals if re-elected include focusing on the 10% of students at BHS who did not graduate and to continue the intentional focus on student and staff safety.

Cater said that he would advocate ESPLOST projects to update and modernize facilities, including the BHS building, parts of which were constructed in the 1950’s.

“It has been an honor to serve as a board member for 20 years. I am not perfect, but I approach every decision with the utmost seriousness,” said Cater in a written statement.

“Simply put, I want to do my small part as a member of my community. If re-elected, I will continue to be a strong advocate where I am able.”