Wheel Photo

Ash Colwell will be a contestant on “Wheel of Fortune” when it airs Monday.

A Carrollton graduate and former resident will be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune when it airs Monday, August 3.

Ash Colwell will be a contestant on the popular game show. He is from Carrollton and recently attended the University of West Georgia before moving to Charlotte, North Carolina.

The former UWG student is an alternative rock and cartoon junkie and enjoys thrift shopping, selling things online, and writing fanfiction. And, of course, he is a fan of the game show.

Colwell is appearing during “UK Getaway” week on Wheel of Fortune, presented in partnership with Collette. He will be spinning the Wheel, calling out consonants, and buying vowels to solve hangman-style puzzles in an attempt to win once-in-a-lifetime Collette vacations, new cars, and cash prizes.

Colwell has been a fan of the show “all his life” and has been a loyal viewer of the show, having watched hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White with his family for years.

The episode Colwell appears on will be featured during a monthlong contest in which the show will give away $1,000 to a viewer and donate an additional $1,000 to a food bank in that person’s hometown. The contest will run each weeknight from July 13 until August 14.

Colwell’s episode on the syndicated show will air at 7 p.m. on WXIA, 11 Alive.