A Carrollton man faces a felony charge after Carrollton Police reported that he fought an officer this weekend.

Donard Stallworth, 37, was arrested Saturday and charged with obstruction of law enforcement and criminal trespassing, according to the Carroll County Jail database.

On the day of the incident, according to CPD Public Information Officer Meredith Browning, an officer was called to a Cedar Street residence to help a woman collect her belongings. Browning said Stallworth was reportedly inside the apartment watching television.

According to the police report, while gathering her belongings the woman noticed some items missing. Stallworth told the officer that he threw the items away and poured bleach on them, according to Browning.

Browning said the officer attempted to arrest him after confirming Stallworth’s claim, but Stallworth resisted and fought the officer. Stallworth managed to escape the residence and fled on foot; however, Browning said the officer apprehended Stallworth on Sims Street.

As of Monday afternoon, Stallworth remains in the Carroll County Jail with a $7,500 bond.