COVID-19 cases remain high in Carroll County as the Thanksgiving holiday week approaches.

Since the pandemic began, there have been a total of 3,886 cases of COVID-19 as of Nov. 20. Of these cases, there have been 81 deaths, according to the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Georgia DPH reports in its weekly COVID-19 update that Carroll County is listed — for the fourth week in a row — as a Georgia county with high transmission indicators.

And the Tanner Health System reports that more people are hospitalized for the illness than last week.

To be listed as a high-transmission county, there must have been over 100 cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 residents of the county within the last 14 days, and have had over 10% of positive PCR tests for COVID-19. A PCR test determines the presence of a virus in a person’s system.

When compared to the prior week, Carroll County positive tests for COVID-19 decreased by at least 5% during the week of Nov. 7 to Nov. 13. But during that same time period, emergency room visits with COVID-19 symptoms increased by at least 5%, as well as visits from individuals with influenza-like illness symptoms.

In Carroll County, DPH reported 345 new positive cases in the last two weeks, as of Nov. 20. The positive rate for tests over the last two weeks was at 12.6%.

Tanner Health System also tracks COVID-19 within its health system and provides weekly updates. The numbers reported by Tanner reflect cases that have been tested or treated within the health system, regardless of the county of patient origin. It does not include any tests performed by the local health department, government agencies, or non-Tanner affiliated clinics.

For the weekly updates with data as recent as Nov. 19, there was a 14.06% positive rate for positive COVID-19 tests, with a total of 40,605 tests having been performed within the health system.

System-wide, there are 67 admissions of COVID-19, out of the 366 total licensed beds in the health system.

Of this, 35 beds of 181 total licensed beds, or 19.3% of all beds, at Tanner Medical Center Carrollton had patients hospitalized for COVID-19.

Last week, the Carrollton facility had 26 patients, or 14.4% of its beds.

At Tanner Medical Center Villa Rica, there were 26 patients of 145 total licensed beds, or 17.9% In the week ending Nov. 12, there were 19 patients, or 13.1% of the beds there.

Higgins General Hospital in Bremen has five of its 25 licensed beds, or 20%, and Tanner Medical Center in East Alabama in Wedowee had one patient hospitalized with COVID-19.

Compared to the previous week, that is two more patients for Higgins. There were no patients the previous week at the Wedowee facility.

Carroll County School System, Carrollton City Schools, the University of West Georgia, and West Georgia Technical College all give weekly updates on the virus.

At Carroll County School System, for the week ending Nov. 13, out of the 15,079 students enrolled, 64 students had a positive COVID-19 test and 539 had possible exposure or symptomatic.

For the 1,868 employees, 21 have had a positive test and 19 had possible exposure or were symptomatic.

At Carrollton City Schools as of Nov. 20 there were 18 students with a positive test out of the 5,414 students enrolled. The number of students quarantined for possible exposure, either at school or outside of school, was 126.

Of the 576 staff members, there were three employees who had a positive test and the number of staff quarantined for possible exposure, either at school or outside of school, was four.

At WGTC, as of Nov. 18, eight of the 6,445 students enrolled had a current, positive test and three of the 626 employees had a current, positive test.

At the University of West Georgia, as of Nov. 18, 48 students and three employees have reported testing positive for COVID-19 during the week of Nov. 11 to Nov. 17.