By Staff Reports

City of Bowdon water customers have been experiencing a discoloration of the water, according a public notice issued Friday by Bowdon Main Street Director Jan Gibbs.

According to Gibbs, the discoloration has been caused primarily by two events. The first issue was an extremely high rain event which occurred during the first week of May when the Lake Tisinger level rose to seven-feet above normal during a two-day period. This increased the levels of the mineral manganese, which contributes to the discoloration.

The second event occurred on Thursday, June 17. The relocation of the Highway 100 Bridge at Turkey Creek made it necessary for the city to withdraw water from the creek rather than the lake. The creek water has a higher iron and manganese content which compounded the treatment problem.

City officials and staff are working with J & T Environmental Services and the Georgia Rural Water Association to address the proper chemical treatment for the unusually high mineral levels. The Environmental Protection Division (EPD) has also been consulted.

Additionally, the city has reached out to the Carroll County Water Authority (CCWA) for assistance in supplying water and will be drawing water from CCWA to stabilize the water going into the city’s distribution system.

“We assure you that the water is safe,” Gibbs said in a statement. “The discoloration is not acceptable to us, and we will continue to work on the treatment process until the water is clear. We appreciate your patience and support as we work through this issue.”