Two restaurant chains have been burglarized in Carroll County in separate incidents, according to authorities.

One of the crimes resulted in the arrest of a former female employee from Dallas, Georgia, while the other burglar remains unidentified.

In the first case, 27-year-old Laura Fuller was arrested on Thursday in connection with the burglary of a Subway store inside the Villa Rica Walmart that took place on June 16.

Villa Rica police were called to the scene by a manager, who reported that $400 that had been locked away in a freezer was missing, according to a police department report.

Security camera footage showed what police said was a woman wearing a white hooded sweater entering the Subway at 7 a.m. The woman walked along the side of the store, remaining in the shadows, and entered the office area, officers said.

Inside the office, the individual was seen on video searching for a key to enter the freezer, where the money is normally kept overnight. The woman opened the freezer, took something, and placed it in her pocket, according to the report.

Officers said it took the bandit two minutes to complete the burglary.

Walmart surveillance cameras recorded the individual leaving the store toward the deli, where she grabbed a soft drink, paid for it at self check-out, and left the building, according to the report.

The report stated the manager arrived at 8 a.m. to open and realized the money had been stolen. Through the investigation and help from the public on Facebook, police identified the suspect by matching the vehicle she drove away, according Villa Rica Police Captain Keith Shaddix.

“It’s really amazing that we solve a lot of crimes through Facebook with the community’s help,” he said. “It makes you proud to live in a neighborhood that still supports the police.”

Fuller was released from the Carroll County Jail after posting a $6,500 bond.

In the second restaurant burglary, an unidentified man took a safe from the Waffle House on Maple Street in Carrollton last week.

On Wednesday morning, July 22, a Waffle House manager contacted Carrollton Police regarding a burglary that occurred between the hours of 9 p.m. on Tuesday to 6:30 a.m. The store was closed during those hours.

Upon investigation, officers determined the bandit forced open the back door with a prying tool and made his way to the office. There, he stole a small safe containing about $1,000 and a part of the surveillance system, according to ACE Unit Investigator Chad Taylor.

Police said the burglar may not have been aware of an exterior camera that may have caught him on video. Waffle House’s corporate offices retain footage of each location’s surveillance system. Investigators are awaiting copies of the footage to further the investigation, according to Taylor.

The report stated, officers also collected coins and other items found at the scene for fingerprint analysis and evidence.

As of Friday, the suspect has not been identified. The individual will face charges of burglary to the second degree upon arrest.