Police arrested an Atlanta man whom they say led them on a chase through Carrollton that reached speeds of up to 90 mph early Friday morning.

Carrollton Police charged Leslie Carl Morris, 26, with fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer for a felony offense, reckless driving, failure to report striking a fixed object, weaving over roadway, driving on a one-way street, failure to obey stop sign, improper use of central turn lane, and three counts of failure to obey traffic control device.

Around 3:45 a.m. Friday, an officer on patrol pulled into the Marathon Gas Station on Newnan Road, according to the CPD incident report. The report said the officer saw a man, later identified as Morris, acting suspiciously inside the gas station. With there only being one vehicle in the parking lot, the officer ran the license plate and found that it belonged to a woman in Fulton County.

At some point, the report said Morris left the gas station and drove away. The officer followed Morris’ vehicle and saw him driving at least 15 mph over the speed limit, according to the report.

After passing the Bankhead Highway and Mandeville Avenue intersection, the report said the officer watched Morris drive as if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol and attempted a traffic stop, but the driver did not comply. Morris continued into Folds Drive, which is a dead-end, then turned around back to Bankhead Highway accelerating away from the officer, beginning the chase, according to the report.

The report said the officer reached 90 mph as he followed Morris heading westbound on Bankhead Highway. Morris, the report said, continued to drive at 90 mph speeds through red lights and stop signs and almost crashed into cars parked along the road at a car dealership as as he headed to Adamson Square.

As the chase continued toward Burson Avenue, the officer reported that Morris throw objects out of the window. Upon reaching the Fourth Street intersection, Morris slowed down giving the police a chance to conduct a PIT maneuver, which brought the vehicle to a stop, according to the report.

Officers stepped out of their vehicle with weapons in hand and commanded Morris to step out of his car. The report said Morris did not comply, forcing officers to physically remove him out of the vehicle and hold him on the ground as they handcuffed him.

As of Friday evening, Morris remained in the custody of the Carroll County Jail without a set bond.