Mill Town Music Hall partners with KidsPeace

As a gesture of appreciation, KidsPeace took one of the 26 guitars that was donated and had their logo put on it. All of their students signed the guitar. This Saturday at Mill Town Music Hall, 4 KidsPeace students will play guitar with their teachers and the autographed KidsPeace guitar will be presented to Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland as a surprise.

Mill Town Music Hall has partnered with KidsPeace to develop a Therapeutic Music Program for youth.

For the past three years, Mill Town Music Hall has raised funds and gathered much-needed items for the non-profit organization such as suitcases, toiletries, bedding, and more.

KidsPeace camp is a private charity located in Bowdon dedicated to serving the behavioral and mental health needs of children, families, and communities.

The camp offers a comprehensive array of residential treatment services to address the social, emotional, physical, education, and spiritual needs of youth ages 12 to 17.

“Mill Town Music Hall has been an ideal partner for KidsPeace and a blessing to our youth,” said KidsPeace Executive Director Louis Shagawat. “They realized a need that perfectly aligned with their own organization.

“We are so thankful and excited about the new music program and the impact it will have on the youth at KidsPeace.”

Local certified teachers and music professionals will volunteer their time to teach the guitar classes. Musicians participating in the virtual classes include: Jamie Lipscomb, Chorus and Guitar Director at Bremen High School; Matthew Bass, Band Director at Bremen Middle School; Andrew Weaver, professional pop artist; Corey Pearson and Jordan Hamby, members of The Diplomats Quartet; Cynthia Videtto, Band Director at Bowdon Middle School.

To launch the program, the Mill Town Music Hall season ticket holders Gene and Yvonne Cleveland generously purchased and donated 15 guitars. Others are encouraged to donate new or slightly used musical instruments to help expand the program.

“Music has made such a profound impact on my life,” said Gene Cleveland. “I traveled the country driving artists like Hank Williams, Jr. to their concerts, and I hope that music can help these young people find the calling and healing in their own lives.”

This Saturday, Sept. 25, at Mill Town Music Hall, four KidsPeace students will play guitar with their teachers.

The event will begin by outlining names of the performers and speakers. Then there will be opening remarks from Wanda Darrah, Chair, KidsPeace Board of Associates, followed by opening remarks from Tevin Opoku, Assistant Principle at KidsPeace and guitar teacher.

One of the four students will then give a speech, and then the students will perform. At the end of their performance there will be closing remarks and guitar presentation, followed by the students presenting ticket holders, Gene and Yvonne, with a signed guitar from KidsPeace students.

“On behalf of all the KidsPeace students, I would like to say thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland who donated the guitars to our program,” said one KidsPeace student. “Many kids at KidsPeace have told me that music and playing the guitar has helped them cope.

“For me, playing the guitar has been an escape from stress and anxiety in the world.”