After much complaining by a local resident, the Waco City Council on Monday agreed to remove a recently installed speed hump on King Street and install one further down the road.

Jack Martin, a resident on the street, had been one of the residents who requested the speed breaker and he asked that it be installed in front of his home. But soon after the traffic calming device was installed, he began to visit the City Council meetings to request it be moved.

At the March meeting, he told the councilmen that he should have listened to them when they warned him about having the speed hump installed in front of his home. The tractor trailers hit the speed breaker and don’t even slow down, he had said at the meeting. The noise, especially from those trucks pulling empty trailers, disturbs the peace of the previously quiet street, he complained.

“I just never dreamed the amount of noise,” Martin had said. “It starts about 5 o’clock in the morning; from then to about 8 o’clock, that’s all you hear.”

He reiterated those comments on Monday.

“It hasn’t done anything to fix our traffic problem, speeding problem,” Martin said. “All we’ve done is taken away our sleep.”

If the city is going to do any paving on the street, Martin asked that they remove the speed breaker and replace it elsewhere on the street.

Councilman Gerry Pounds said the city had done a survey of the residents of the street and they were all in favor of installing the speed hump. He hadn’t heard complaints from anyone else on the street, Pounds said.

“If we take it up and somebody gets hit, how are we supposed to live with that,” Pounds said. “I don’t know the answer. I just think we need to figure out a good remedy for it.”

Martin said that he’d talked to some of his neighbors and they also would like the speed hump moved. Pounds said he also had one in front of his house. He agreed that they can be noisy.

“I feel your pain,” Pounds said.

Mayor Travis Prichard said the councilmen would continue to discuss it.

“Certainly safety is an inconvenience,” Prichard said.

But Martin persisted. With a proposed expansion at Jellystone, the traffic will only get worse, he said. Earlier in the meeting, Troy Moore presented a proposed renovation and expansion of Jellystone, a campground and RV park located on King Street, to the councilmen. The park owners plan to expand from about 105 camping sites to 300, Moore said. Traffic, the councilmen had said, was their main concern about the expansion.

The councilmen voted 4-0 to approve the removal of the speed hump on King Street and the installation of a new one at the city line on the street. Councilman Doug Brock abstained from the vote, because he was afraid it set a precedent to move speed breakers at the request of a resident on the street, he said.

City attorney David Mecklin told the council members that he could send them a sample speed hump policy for review. They could edit it to suit their needs and enact a policy, he said.

In other business councilmen:

  • approved a new business license for Ike Taher for a salvage yard, impound lot and metal recycling.
  • asked Mecklin about the process to close a road. Mecklin gave them a summary of the process and said he would send them a sample policy that they could review and edit to suit their needs.
  • told Brian and Joy Tucker that they would entertain the addition of a tanning salon on their commercial property. But, the councilmen said, they would need to apply for a business license after getting all the proper state licenses.
  • heard a complaint from a resident on Woodland Circle that a drainage pipe was clogged causing his yard to flood when it rained heavily. The councilmen said they would look into how to fix the issue.
  • approved retaining the city’s membership in the Greater Haralson Chamber of Commerce for an annual fee of $750.
  • heard from City Clerk Kim Edwards that she would be sending out vendor applications for Waco Fest. The event is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 11.
  • asked Mecklin how to proceed in changing addresses in the city limits to Waco addresses. Some city properties including Mayor Prichard’s are listed as Bremen addresses, said Councilman Brock.