A four-day string of unrelated accidents and crime left three dead and two injured last week in Haralson County.

On Wednesday, two Bremen residents were killed when the cars they were driving collided. On Friday, a shooting incident in Tallapoosa left one person injured. On Saturday, a woman who had been reported missing on Friday was found dead. And on Saturday afternoon, a Bremen firefighter was dragged under a car by a driver who led authorities on a short chase.

According to the Georgia State Patrol, the two-person fatality took place Wednesday near the intersection of Georgia HIghway 8 and Windy Lake Road.

Troopers said that Brandon Howard, 28, and Lisa Haralson, 41, both of Bremen, were traveling in separate vehicles when both were killed. A GSP report said Howard apparently lost control of his 2000 Ford Mustang as he was traveling east on the state road. He drove into Haralson’s path as she was driving west in a GMC Acadia.

Both victims were pronounced dead at the scene, said Deputy Haralson County Coroner Patty Hutcheson.

Two days later, on Friday, the Haralson County Sheriff’s Office took a report from the family of Crystal Dangar, 32, who had not been seen for more than 24 hours. They began searching immediately.

“Her cell phone pinged a location,” said Investigator Heather Mecillas.

But in Haralson County, she said, the cell towers are far apart from each other, so the area pinged included a large area. The deputies searched the area into the night, but were unable to find her.

That evening about 11:25 p.m., the search was interrupted by a call about a shooting in Tallapoosa, Mecillas said.

A fight at a home had escalated to a shooting incident. When deputies rushed to the scene, Mecillas said, they found Christian Brannon, 19, who deputies said had allegedly been shot in the hip by Cody Watson, 24, of Rockmart.

Brannon and Watson were at a get-together at the home on Golf Course Road when the two began fighting, Mecillas said. A third person got between them and broke it up, but deputies said Watson grabbed a gun and fired, hitting Brannon in the hip, Mecillias said. Watson told deputies he was aiming at the ground, she said. Brannon was flown by air ambulance to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta and released on Saturday, she said.

Watson is facing felony charges of aggravated assault and pointing a gun at another person, according to Mecillas.

Deputies were not able to resume the search for Dangar until early Saturday morning.

At first light, Haralson County Sgt. Jarred Taylor, a drone pilot, took his drone to the area and used it to search, she said. He located Dangar’s vehicle on the west side of Riverside Drive, Mecillas said.

When deputies were able to reach the car, which had rolled down an embankment, they found Dangar, but she was declared dead at the scene, Hutcheson said. The cause of her death was not immediately known.

Hours later on Saturday afternoon, the Haralson County Fire Department was called to a seven-car pileup on eastbound I-20 between Waco and Tallapoosa.

Traffic was backed up as the firefighters worked, but one driver of a small black vehicle was weaving in and out of traffic, Mecillas said. Kaba Camara, 21, of Texas, allegedly came close to hitting the firefighters but stopped when signaled. Then one of the Haralson County firefighters went over to talk to him to see what the problem was, Mecillas said.

The fireman had just put his hand on the car door as Camara took off, she said. The firefighter was caught and dragged under the car, Mecillas said.

Bremen police Chief Keith Pesnell said that a lookout was broadcast for the vehicle about 4 p.m. His officers spotted it and started after the car. Camara led them on a chase, but was eventually apprehended with the help of Carroll County law enforcement, he said.

Camara is facing charges of aggravated assault on a police officer and aggravated assault on a firefighter, both felonies, Pesnell said. But more charges are pending, he added.

Camara was still in Haralson County Jail as of Monday afternoon. The firefighter, whom Haralson County fire Chief Brian Walker declined to identify, was not seriously injured.

“He got some bruises and scrapes,” Walker said. “He’s alright.”