Everyone is more aware of health concerns after the experiences of the pandemic. Our vocabulary has expanded. We know now what function a ventilator performs for our body when the lungs are impaired. The concepts of viral load, asymptotic, flattening the curve, self-isolation, and droplet transmission have meaning to us now.

For many, making our health a priority is number one now. We are carefully washing hands, wearing masks if we are at risk, and taking the vaccine as a personal choice. You may be asking yourself, what else can I do to protect my health?

Life Line Screening may have services that can help answer that question. Begun in 1993, the company has screened more than 10-million people and currently screen nearly 1-million people each year at about 14,000 screening events nationwide.

Awareness and early detection of disease is powerful. Being aware of unrecognized and potential health problems can strengthen understanding of your total health.

Life Line Screening will be available at CrossPointe Christian Church (905 Temple Road in Bremen) on Aug. 16. The screening requires pre-registration and an appointment. Call 1-888-653-6459 or visit www.lifelinesreening.com/community-partners to register or for more information.

The screenings available include Carotid Artery (Plaque) Screening, Heart Rhythm Screening (Atrial Fibrillation), Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening, Peripheral Arterial Disease Screening and Osteoporosis Risk Assessment. These screenings are performed at a lower cost than possible elsewhere. Board-certified physicians, licensed in our state, will review the screening results. Any abnormal screenings are reviewed by a second technologist.

Random audits of screening results are performed frequently to ensure quality. You will receive the results of your screenings within 21 days and you can provide them for your personal physician to review.

My husband and I have both taken advantage of the screenings in the past. It’s a comfort to know your toes are still getting blood flow and your abdomen isn’t about to fill with blood from a ruptured aneurysm. That actually happened to my dad a few years back and he almost died.

If you need to have screenings performed and are unable to finance it, please call CrossPointe Christian Church (678-506-5184) and leave a message with your name and phone number. A limited number of scholarships are available for the screenings.

Health has many aspects — spiritual, physical, financial, emotional, mental. As the body is the temple of the Lord, it’s important to maintain all the aspects of our health.

Mary Reid is a Haralson County resident who dreams of writing a memoir of her family’s time in Africa.

Mary Reid is a Haralson County resident who dreams of writing a memoir of her family's time in Africa.