No residents attended the first two of three public hearings hosted last week by the city of Bremen about a millage rate increase.

The hearings on Thursday were scheduled to provide information on a millage rate increase in Carroll County / Bremen and a tax increase for those whose assessments have increased in Haralson County / Bremen.

Bremen City Manager Perry Hicks said he wasn’t surprised that no residents showed up. The city hosts the public hearings nearly every year, but residents rarely come, Hicks said.

The city has tentatively set the millage rates at 5.816 mills for residents of the Haralson County portion of the city and 8.591 for residents in the Carroll County portion of the city.

The 5.816 millage rate in Haralson County / Bremen is unchanged from last year, but will result in a tax increase for property owners whose property assessments have increased, Hicks said. The property tax digest in that side of the city increased to about 1,435,941 after exemptions which equates to about .066 mills.

The city, though, decided to maintain the previous year’s millage rate resulting in a tax increase. For a home with a fair value market of $100,000 that will mean an increase of approximately $2.64 over the rolled back millage rate of 5.75 mills.

The 8.591 millage rate in Carroll County Bremen is an increase from the 8.417 mills that was levied last year in that portion of the city. For a home with a fair market value of $100,000 that will result in an increase of about $19.84 over the former millage rate.

Millage rates are a direct result of the city’s budget, Hicks said. The city takes the amount of money it needs to have to fulfill its budgeted expenditures, subtracts the money it expects to receive in other forms and is left with the budgeted property tax need.

It then adds the local sales tax revenue — not to be confused with special purpose local option sales tax revenue, which is a separate 1% sales tax collected for specific projects and purchases — and that is the total need used to determine the millage rate. That need this year was nearly $3 million, which equates to a millage rate of 10.662 citywide.

The about $8.3 million budget, which was approved by the Bremen City Council in June, was an increase over the FY 2021 budget. Expected increases in the tax digest allowed the city to maintain the millage rate in Haralson County / Bremen. However, the larger digest wasn’t enough to cover the increased need from the Carroll County / Bremen property owners, so their millage rate bumped to 8.591, Hicks said.

When the sales tax revenue from each portion of the city, the equivalent of 4.846 mills in Haralson County / Bremen and 2.071 mills in Carroll County / Bremen, is subtracted from that figure it rolls back the 10.662 citywide rate to 5.816 and 8.591 respectively. The sales tax revenue figures for each portion of the city are provided by the Georgia Department of Revenue, Hicks said.

One more public hearing is scheduled for 6 p.m. tonight at the Bremen Public Safety Complex. The Bremen City Council is expected to vote on the tentative millage rate at the regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, Sept. 20.