At their work session on Friday, Bremen Board of Education members heard from the superintendent that he would like audio visual/mass media added to the career tech offerings at the high school.

“I would like to see if we can do it next year,” Superintendent David Hicks said. “The state will provide some of the cameras and those kind of things, computers.”

The school system would be responsible for the staffing, he added.

The system currently offers public safety, business education, engineering, teaching as a profession and fine arts, he said. But the offerings should be expanded, Hicks said. Not all students are destined for continued education at a college or university, he said.

“They find a love for something that there’s high employability at a good salary; that’s the whole goal,” Hicks said.

He has spoken to administrators at West Georgia Technical College about expanding the spots offered to the system. That would be for just a few students who want to take classes in an area that is not in demand at the school, Hicks said.

The college works with schools in a number of counties and has to accommodate all of them and that limits the spots they can offer the high school students, he said.

A few years ago, one student wanted to take welding at the college, but was unable to get a spot, Hicks said. The number of spots are determined by the number of college students enrolled, so it depends on the popularity of the program, he said.

Because of the demand, if there are popular career pathways that the school can offer on campus, the system needs to look into offering it, Hicks said.

“I would just like to see us on a path, so that one day we can have all these offerings here,” Hick said.

Board member Brandon Barrow suggested a few including electrical, culinary arts and cosmetology.

Board member Brandall Lovvorn asked if the students would be able to attend Haralson County High School’s new career academy.

“At one time we were trying to help get that funded,” Lovvorn said. “But that grant fell through.”

Hicks said it’s possible Bremen students could get a few spots there.

“Basically how that’ll work,” Hicks said. “They’ll use up the spots and anything left over, we’d give them our FTE (full-time enrollment status) for just that student.”

But, he added the best option for the students would be to offer some of the programs at the high school campus.

In other business board members:

-heard that Ahren Steiss, a former technology specialist for the school system, will make some short videos highlighting students for the school system’s website. The system will pay $5,000 for the videos.

-heard that the system is working on school system calendars for the 2022-2023 school year. Hicks said he declined suggestions of a four-day school week. Since the school system doesn’t bus children to school it wouldn’t save any money but it would inconvenience parents, particularly those who would have to pay for daycare on the fifth day of the week.

-on Monday accepted the retirement of Lissa Barrett effective at the end of fiscal year 2022 and the resignation of Sonia Rivera from the Bremen Academy/Middle School nutrition program. They also approved a maternity leave request by Jenna Smith of the Bremen Academy/Middle School.

-on Monday approved hiring Diana Rutledge to replace Rivera with the Bremen Academy/Middle School nutrition program. They also approved hiring Lena Gariepy for the system’s after school program.

-on Monday approved hiring Melissa Bradley as long-term substitute at Jones Elementary school and Branna Harris, Wanda Johnson, Miranda Karr and Rhonda Ristow as substitute teachers.

-on Monday, approved a request by Bremen Parks and Recreation to host an adult flag football league at the Bremen High School football field.

-on Monday, approved a request by the Bremen Takedown Club to use the wrestling complex for a wrestling camp and the Bremen High School gymnasium for a corn hole tournament.

-on Monday, approved a fundraising request for the high school’s gymnastics program for Spirit Nights at the Grill in Bremen.