At their meeting on Tuesday, Haralson County commissioners heard that SyncGlobal and Carroll EMC are partnering to apply for federal and state grants that could bring millions of dollars of broadband infrastructure into the county.

On Monday, Bremen City Council members asked city staff to explore the possibility of creating a special service district of the Carroll County portion of the district to better fund the city services provided there.

CCC closed for renovations in July

Free Tennis Clinic to Bremen City Schools staff, faculty and their family members

Everyone is more aware of health concerns after the experiences of the pandemic. Our vocabulary has expanded. We know now what function a ventilator performs for our body when the lungs are impaired. The concepts of viral load, asymptotic, flattening the curve, self-isolation, and droplet tr…

On July 12, some of Georgia’s leading behavioral health advocates held a press conference in the Capitol rotunda to raise awareness of the next pandemic that will affect our state: mental health.

Boston-rock band Aerosmith rose to incredible heights when it released its fourth album “Rocks” in May of 1976. “Rocks” was one of the first Platinum-selling albums; it pre-sold over a million copies before its release.

We are being attacked once more. The time has arrived for millipedes to again invade our houses, our workplaces, our churches, most any place. They seem to be everywhere.

Former editor of the Bremen Gateway and Haralson County Tribune, Gary Watson, 72, just published his third mystery novel. But in truth he has been writing his whole life.

Nearly every Haralson County city and the county were represented at a Bible reading and prayer program at the old Haralson County courthouse in Buchanan on Wednesday.

July 2020 I went to Australia for my birthday — right in the middle of the pandemic. Truth be fully told, I went to the Australian Bakery Cafe on the square in Marietta on my birthday.

The following is a true story, told to me by the late Madison Mize and since then has been verified by others. Only the name of the man has been changed to save embarrassment to the family. It happened during the mid-1920 period.

My first recollections of hearing AC/DC were from the period now considered the band’s heyday. “The Thunder from Down Under” as the Australian band was called, had achieved what few but all great rock bands do when faced with adversity. Having lost Bon Scott, their original lead singer, in e…

What started out as a hobby for A.C. Sanders has turned into a useful law enforcement tool for the Douglasville Police Department.

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The crack of rifles being fired followed by the metallic clink of shell casings hitting the sidewalk — three shots from three rifles, a three-volley salute, performed by members of the Haralson County Veterans Association ended the Independence Day program in Tallapoosa on Saturday.

Did I hear that right? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing on the news a few nights ago. The temperature was 108 degrees in Seattle, Washington, while a small inland village of Dallesport in the same state, registered 118. Just across the border in Lytton, British Columbia, the mercury soa…

Did you ever go to a camp meeting? The summertime extended revival with services nearly all day long? If so, you probably remember hot, steamy evenings, watermelon cuttings, ice cream socials, chicken-que. Camp meetings are a cultural icon of the South.

A child was born on July 21, 1899, in Oak Park, Illinois who would later have a significant impact on the world.

“Our so-called leaders speak/With words they try to jail you/They subjugate the meek/But it’s the rhetoric of failure,” sings Sting, the vocalist, bassist, and principal songwriter for the Police on “Spirits in the Material World,” the opening track from the band’s fourth album. “Ghost in th…

After a COVID-related hiatus the Haralson County Veterans Association will once again host its annual Independence Day celebration on Saturday.

Errors in notices of assessment sent to some Haralson County property owners may confuse them and the Tax Assessor’s office is working to notify those affected and correct the issues, officials said.

At a Buchanan City Council meeting on Tuesday, a member of the Buchanan Beautification Committee, presented a report of the committee’s activities and future plans — and a check for the city’s library.

It’s late June and that means blueberry season is upon us. We are beginning to get berries everyday. We commonly eat a few as we pick to make sure of the sweetness. The best time to pick is early morning or late evening. The sun is not so brutal at those times. I suggest never picking bluebe…

Once, when I was a member of New Canaan Baptist Church, our pastor, the late Dan Currin, came to see me with a problem. His right arm was bandaged from his hand to his elbow. He told me it was poison ivy. He had it so bad that he kept it bandaged. He said that the doctor could not help him.

Do not drink and drive; even if only one beer was consumed. No one wants to hurt someone else or themselves. No one wants to get arrested, go to jail, risk losing their license, pay huge fines, have insurance go through the roof, and perhaps even lose a great job.

David Lee Roth released his first full-length record, “Eat ‘Em and Smile,” on July 7, 1986. The album was warmly embraced by the singer/entertainer’s devoted fanbase, who had been stunned when he left hard rocke band Van Halen.

Under the shade of the trees behind the Warren P. Sewell Memorial Library, a 3-month-old calf and some young goats grazed while a baby kangaroo named Sonny, and Crystal, a 7-year-old tortoise, circled their enclosure to the delight of the children crowded around them.

The clock is ticking for dozens of Haralson County voters to speak up before their voter registration is cancelled — if any of them still live here.

Above: Will Jones, 9, was one of about 20 children who attended a self-defense clinic taught by Ely Elefante through the Bremen Recreation Department. Here Jones practices using the heel of his hand to strike a blow against Bully Bob.

A Haralson County man who managed to elude law enforcement for more than two weeks has been apprehended in Polk County and is facing multiple felony charges in connection with a local “chop shop.”

The Bremen City Council on Monday annexed a piece of property that could possibly become part of a new RaceTrack on Interstate 20 — or maybe not.

When people think about trauma, and especially post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), they often think about it in the context of military service members or veterans. This may be because people often only hear about PTSD as it relates to veterans. And combat — which can include exposure to …

Those of us who were around back in 1963, when President John Kennedy was assassinated, can still remember witnessing the shooting of accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby. We were amazed at the power of television to bring history into our homes.

As a fan of singer/entertainer David Lee Roth, I enjoy Van Halen’s musical trajectory with Roth’s oversized, comical persona more with each passing year. As my friend, Jeff Parris recently pointed out, the first six Van Halen albums could never have been as terrific as they are without Roth’…

It’s that time again, the time when snakes will be moving freely around the countryside. Every year, about this time, I try to remind people about snakes, which are venomous and which are nonvenomous.

One night as I was drifting off to sleep, the thought about how personalities can change over time, made a wild dash around my brain. Like most of those nodding off to sleep thoughts, it was later the next day when I came back to it.

When the first jury trial begins in Haralson County Courthouse in August, court officials will be ready thanks to planning going on now.

An advertisement in The Gateway-Beacon purchased by Solid Solutions Development, a company that is proposing a landfill on property near Tallapoosa, drew a swift reaction from local elected officials on social media and through the county attorney.

U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is catching a lot of flack these days from Democrats, especially the more liberal wing of the party. Manchin is known for supporting bipartisanship in the Senate, trying to work with Republicans on major issues.

Van Halen’s first album without singer David Lee Roth was released in May of 1986. Titled “5150,” California police code for mental instability, it featured new singer Sammy Hagar, then most recently known for his 1984 hit “I Can’t Drive 55,” a rowdy, upbeat rocker that had elements of novelty.

Out of curiosity I started reading Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak. The novel was number one on the New York Times bestsellers list in 1958, the year I was born. In 1965 it was made into a movie which I have not seen (yet).